Tisle’s Skagen 14€

Crayfish tails and shrimps, crème fraîche, fish roe and sourdough- dill waffle

Arctic Char & Scallop 15€

Arctic char tartar, fried scallops, fish roe sauce, kale emulsion sauce and jalapeno-chilioil

Prawns 14€

Chili- garlic oil fried prawns, carrot-ginger jam and yuzu soy-sauce

Salmon soup 
Small 12€ / Large 20€

Smoked salmon soup potato, dill and malty dark bread

Main courses

”Catch of the day” Ask more from the staff

Crayfish sauce, roe, butternut squash, fennel and potatoes

Pike-perch 32€

Fried pike-perch, roasted northern potatoes, potato granola, honey glazed roots and sparkling wine sauce

Benella whitefish 30€

Lemon butter fried whitefish, brussel sprouts, kale with fish roe beurre blanc

Fish & Chips 24€

Local pike breaded with beer tempura, served with pea puree, dill, lemon, country fries and smoked fish mayonnaise.

Meat 28€

Overcooked pork cheeks,
blackcurrant, parsnip confit, kale and spruce seasoned potatoes The country of origin of the meat: Finland

Veggie 20€

Mushroom ravioli, potato granola, raspberries and truffle foam

Sides 6€

Country fries & spruce mayonnaise

Deepfried brussels sprouts & smoked salt

Fried prawns & jalapeno-chillioil

Bread basket & cream cheese

Beef burger 19€

Finnish ground beef patty with smoked cheese, pickled cucumber and red-onions, whiskey mayonnaise, lettuce with a brioche bun. Served with country fries.

Pike burger 19€

Local pike breaded with beer
tempura, salad, pickled cucumber and red-onions with a brioche bun, smoked fish mayonnaise. Served with country fries.


Cheeses from near & far 14€

Selection of cheeses from local and European cheeseries, crispy bread and berry jam.

Chocolate 10€

Chocolate marquise, white chocolate mousse and marinated berries

Cranberry 10€

Cranberry pudding , cranberry mousse and cloudberries